Friday, February 24, 2012

My hope in writing this blog is to reach other families whose journey is being touched by Dyslexia.

I was sitting at the computer this afternoon reading articles and searching sites about Dyslexia, when I felt the need to share our journey. 
I am a single mom with two incredible kids. I graduated college with an elementary education degree.  I taught third grade for two years. I then took eight years off to raise my family.  In the past couple of years I have had a couple long term subbing positions and continue to sub on a weekly basis. Being back in the classroom setting has been an amazing gift!
My son, Parker, who just celebrated his eighth birthday, was assessed for Dyslexia last week.  (I have yet to have him diagnosed, which I will explain more about later.)  Parker is a second grader with bright eyes, a zest for life, a sense of humor, and a heart of gold.  But he struggles at school with reading, organization, daily work, and staying focused.  And amazingly enough there are no behavior issues.
As I share our story, I struggle with where to begin.  In the past couple of months, I have had lots floating around in my mind.  I have tried to retrace the steps of Parker's life for clues. I have asked many questions. Where I failed as a parent? What I could have done differently? Am I leading him down the right path? What my expectations should be?  (I don't want him to use Dyslexia as a excuse to get out of learning and becoming all that he is capable of becoming!) And most of all, how can Parker find confidence in his amazing gifts, talents, and abilities? 
I am a true believer that the life experiences that we are given are a gift.  I have wondered why this has come into out lives.  I know for Parker, he will gain a strength and understanding that will prove to be a great tool throughout his life.  As for me, I am hoping to take what I have learned and help other kiddos or families struggling with Dyslexia.  I am excited for all the possibilities!